Podcasts I subscribed

My friends and I happened to have a conversation about subscribed podcasts for communication, collaboration and engineering. We shared some with each other and I think it’s worth writing a post about them.

List First! (random order, not the rank)

Soft Skills Engineering

I knew and subscribed to this podcast at the very beginning of its launch. At then I was just assigned as a team lead and it required so many skills other than coding, which we called them “Soft Skills”. This podcast is all about those items. Dave and Jamison are really thoughtful and humorous. The topics cover from management, communication, startup opportunities, etc. Yes, so many.

Although I didn’t listen to it often, I kept finding topics I like and had a time for them. And I always got some inspiration.


Since our deployment platform is on Heroku and they are a big PaaS company, it’s great to know they have podcast sharing practices and their learnings. Heroku is active in sharing. Podcast is just a relative new channel. They have their engineering blog already.

weak self

Weak Self is made by three Taiwanese iOS developers. Their topics covers everything around iOS and Apple development. In addition, they also talk about community and career. It’s in Chinese.


Wes Bos is pretty famous JavaScript Developer. I enrolled his courses. I did not push too much effort to finish all of them but I still learn a lot from him. He keeps refreshing the courses and the content so I think I can get some more from his podcast.

How I Built This

This podcast interviews people for those stories behind the world’s famous companies. One of the episode I listened to is about Canva, a unicorn company in Australia. I like this type of interviews because I can know those company more, especially the tough moment they have been through.


Why I subscribe to some podcasts especially I prefer reading more?

So the choice is actually pretty personal.

Reading to me is a structural way to learn so I usually block a time to read deep, and think deep. In that moment, I don’t like be interupted. It’s like going to a class.

But learning, or precisely absorbing information, is not just in that form. Especially the topics are about sharing experiences or case studies. Podcasts to me is about some stories shared. I can learn things from it but mostly they are just some sprinkles along the journey.

Audio book? Audible, etc

Actually trying one book with Audible. Current feeling is that biographies, fictions or other story-like books are fit to this form TO ME.

Well, I think it’s just too easy for me to be trapped at some point.

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