Ruby Http Request

During trial on sending GET request to AppFigures’ RESTful API, I started with net/http and add my client key to request hash.

When firing the request, I have some more request params to use. Because of misunderstanding on how the server deal with params and request header, I added those params into request header and had wrong expectation.

Code is like below.

uri = URI(base_url)
request =
request.basic_auth('username', 'password')
request['X-Client-Key'] = 'app_key'
if args
  args.each do |k,v|
    request[k.to_s] = v.to_s if v

This is totally wrong because the params is query parameters which should be put in uri query.

So then the corrected code goes to.

uri = URI(base_url)
uri.query = URI.encode_www_form(args) if args
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